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All the books and videos that we have created were produced for a specific reason, not simply just to have products to sell. Typically these were materials that our family so desperately needed but were not available during the challenging teenage years.

Attention deficit disorder may be compared to an iceberg: most of the problems are hidden beneath the surface and only the tip of the problem is visible! Typically, teachers and parents see the obvious tip first: the problems, such as not doing your homework, doing things impulsively, losing things, talking back, and arguing. Yet for so many teenagers, an attention deficit is much more complex than just these obvious behaviors. School is often incredibly challenging because of your inattention, executive function deficits such as being disorganized, losing track of time and being late, remembering and organizing your thougths to write an essay, and memorizing information. Remember, two-thirds of you have at least one other diagnosable condition that often has a significant impaact on your schoolwork.


When you think of attention deficit disorders, visualize this iceberg with only one-eighth of its mass visible above the water line. As is true of icebergs, often the most challenging aspects of ADD and ADHD lurk beneath the surface. For example, take a minute and look at all the characteristics listed below the surface. Do you have problems falling asleep or waking up, arriving somewhere on time, memorizing multiplication tables, repeating misbehavior, or getting started on your schoolwork? All these things often go along with your attention deficit. Most adults don't understand just how complex ADD and ADHD are, and how difficult it is for you to cope with it. You may want to show this iceberg to your parents or teachers. It may help them understand attention deficits better.

The ADHD Iceberg Poster

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