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Chris Abney Zeigler Dendy, age 79, passed away on July 8, 2023 in Rome, GA. She was the daughter of the late Judge W.L. and Lillian Abney of LaFayette, GA. She earned degrees from both the University of Georgia and Florida State University. 


Chris was recognized nationally and internationally as an expert on ADHD and executive function deficits. She was a popular speaker at ADHD training events for parents and professionals offering a welcomed message of hope.


Please consider making a charitable donation in her memory to one of the organizations below. 

Chris was a passionate advocate for helping families that were struggling with ADHD and Executive Function Deficits. We invite you to learn more about each organization. When you're ready to make a donation, simply click on the logo of the organization you select. 

Thank you for donating in memory of Chris Dendy!



Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) is a national support organization for ADHD. It provides education, advocacy, and support for children and adults living with ADHD and their families, as well as teachers and healthcare professionals. CHADD offers programs and services locally and nationally.



SOAR is an accredited ADHD Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp, Boarding School, and GAP Year Program. Their outdoor adventure based programs provide academic instruction, experiential education, and life skills development for youth and young adults ages 8-24.



The Mission of ADDA-SR is to provide education, community support and resources for those impacted by ADHD and coexisting disorders, family members, mental health providers and educators.

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