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All the books and videos that we have created were produced for a specific reason, not simply just to have products to sell. Typically these were materials that our family so desperately needed but were not available during the challenging teenage years.

*** Now available as an eBook! *** 

Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits, unique in its expanded focus on adolescents and its comprehensive coverage of ADD and ADHD, describes the three main types of the disorder, the diagnostic process, and treatment strategies. Although the title specifically names teenagers, this book is also an excellent resource for all school age students. It examines typically occurring behaviors and offers guidance for dealing with:

  • The latest brain research on ADHD
  • Diagnosis & treatment
  • Reframing and building upon the student's strengths
  • Common learning problems and academic failure
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Critical coexisting conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Substance Abuse
  • Executive function deficits
  • Behavioral issues: defiance, speeding tickets, suicide risk, & brushes with law enforcement
  • Medications
  • Truancy & school suspensions
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Legal rights & Federal laws
  • Ideas for accommodations for either IEPs or RtI
  • Life after high school-what next?
  • Student success stories


Based upon the most current diagnostic criteria available (DSM-V) and incorporating ADD/ADHD literature and research, Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits is a one-stop, indispensable resource for parents, teachers, psychologists, physicians, and other professionals who work with adolescents. The book was written by an educator and mental health professional, and mother who has raised two teenage sons with attention deficits. 


Parents and professionals alike will find a wealth of intervention suggestions in tables and appendices that can be reproduced and shared. These include

  • Specific treatment strategies 
  • Common learning problems, behaviors observed, and classroom accommodations 
  • Federal laws governing ADD and ADHD 
  • US DOE 9/91 policy memo re: services and classroom accommodations for students with ADD 
  • Memo for teachers re: impact of ADD/ADHD on school performance 
  • Sample IEPs and accommodations included in Section 504 Plans 
  • Documenting eligibility for Other Health Impaired (OHI) services 
  • Medication impact on school work, effectiveness, timing and doses 


Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits is recommended reading for parents and families, educators, and administrators, treatment professionals, and anyone interested in helping children and teens overcome their difficulties to become well-adjusted and productive young adults.

Teenagers with ADD, ADHD, & Executive Function Deficits (3rd Edition)

  • The first edition of Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits took over seven years to write and two additional years to edit and publish. During our sons' turbulent teenage years, I began collecting materials that were helpful with our boys. Initially, I wrote simply as therapy for myself as I struggled with parenting our challenging teenage sons. Some of the strategies that I had used effectively as a former teacher, school psychologist, and therapist were not particularly effective with our boys. I agonized through periods of guilt, inadequacy, embarrassment, and grief. Obviously, if a "so-called expert" like me was struggling, I could only imagine what other poor unsuspecting parents with less training must be feeling. After our humbling education, my husband and I wanted to share the lessons we learned to help other parents avoid some of the mistakes we made. Thus, Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits was born with input from over a hundred professionals in a variety of fields, many of whom were also parents of children with attention deficits. In 2006 the second edition was updated with the latest scientific facts and information about ADHD and executive function deficits. Now, in 2017, we have released the third edition with even more updates.

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