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All the books and videos that we have created were produced for a specific reason, not simply just to have products to sell. Typically these were materials that our family so desperately needed but were not available during the challenging teenage years.

Children experience numerous transitions through out their lives, but none more challenging than the one they face in the quantum leap from high school years into young adulthood and the work world. During the period after high school graduation, adult support is often at an all time low. Unfortunately, this occurs at a time when young people need supportive guidance the most. In her new book, Launching into Young Adulthood, Chris and her coauthor Dr. Ruth Hughes, leading ADHD experts, provide much needed guidance based upon the lessons learned during their sons’ ADHD journeys to adulthood. This book will be the “go to resource” for parents and professionals who are helping our youth navigate this journey while avoiding the inevitable speed bumps of life that lie ahead.


Our final message of hope; Our Photo Gallery of Hope features young adults who have overcome the challenges of ADHD and are living happy productive lives.


Russell Barkley, Ph.D. says,

This is a superb guidebook for parents… The authors have decades of experience in helping numerous families, teens, and young adults with ADHD through this phase of life and, fortunately, they have chosen to share all their wisdom with you here. There is no better book on this topic available.”


Launching into Young Adulthood with ADHD…Ready or Not!

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$21.21Sale Price
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