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All the books and videos that we have created were produced for a specific reason, not simply just to have products to sell. Typically these were materials that our family so desperately needed but were not available during the challenging teenage years.

A Bird's-Eye View was written expressly for teenagers, preteens, and young adults by teenagers and a young adult who are struggling with ADD or ADHD. This survival guide for teens, preteens, and young adults offers factual information and practical advice in words and examples that young people can easily understand and put into practice. Written with humor and compassion, A Bird's Eye View offers down-to-earth tips for coping with a variety of issues: disorganization, forgetfulness, always being late, sleep problems, memorization, procrastination, restlessness, medication, writing essays, and algebra. Filled with pictures, cartoons, and entertaining ADHD stories, this book is meant to be helpful yet still be interesting to read. The bottom line goal for this book is to provide teens and parents with educational information, strategies for coping, plus a sense of hope that they too will survive this sometimes overwhelming disorder. According to former Surgeon General Everett Koop, M.D., "No prescription can ever be as effective as education." A Bird's-Eye View provides the perfect first step in this educational process.


Bonus: A 10-Year Update
This third edition of A Bird’s-Eye View provides a ten-year update on 11 teens that were featured in the original book. Today, their careers range from teacher, to a chef, bandleader, music major, artist, army reservist, assistant to a hospital ICU director, and college students. These young people offer the best kind of advice—advice based upon first-hand experience. But best of all, teens and their families are left with a sense of hope that they too will survive this sometimes, overwhelming disorder.

A Bird's-Eye View of Life with ADHD and EFD... Ten Years Later

$19.95 Regular Price
$14.96Sale Price
  • Introduction 
    ADD and ADHD According to Alex
    Meet the Real Experts on ADD and ADHD 

    • Ari - 15, ADD
    • Adrian - 16, ADHD
    • Amelia - 18, ADHD
    • Erik - 17, ADHD 
    • Jeremy - 17, ADHD
    • Katie - 13, ADHD 
    • Khris - 16, ADHD 
    • Kati - 14, ADHD
    • Kyle -15, ADHD 
    • Nathan - 12, ADHD
    • Perry - 17, ADD 
    • Tyler - 15, ADHD 

    ...Ten Years Later

    The Common Challenges of ADD and ADHD

    • Chaos and Clutter (disorganization)
    • Daydreamers and Space Cadets (inattention)
    • Absent-minded Professors (forgetfulness) 
    • Ready. Fire! Aim....Oops! (impulsivity)
    • "I am late for......everything!" (can't judge passage of time)
    • Night Owls and Morning Zombies (can't fall asleep or wake up easily)
    • Doodling 101 (messy handwriting and printing)
    • A Tortoise or a Hare? ADD vs ADHD (slow reading and writing or rushing through work)
    • Brilliant Ideas Lost Forever (problems writing essays and reports)  
    • Remembering Two "F" Words: Facts and Formulas (can't remember math facts and formulas)
    • "I'll do it tomorrow." (procrastination)
    • Short Fuses (difficulty controlling emotions)
    • Bouncing off the Walls (hyperactivity/restlessness)

    Coping with ADD or ADHD

    • Education about ADD and ADHD
    • Counseling
    • Parent Counseling
    • Medication
    • Accepting help from others
    • When treatment isn't right
    • Finding your Islands of Competence or..... "What am I good at?"
    • Advocating for yourself
    • Tough topics-smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, and driving

    Closing on a Note of Hope! 

    More Helpful Information for You and Your Parents
         A Letter to Parents of Teens with ADD or ADHD 
         Summary 1: The ADD/ADHD Iceberg
         Summary 2: Ten Frequently Asked Questions about ADD and ADHD
         Summary 3: What You Need to Know about your Brain
         Summary 4: What you Need to Know about Medication
         Summary 5: A Medication Rating Scale
         Summary 6: Executive Function..."What is this anyway?" (ATTENTION article)
         Summary 7: A Graphic Organizer for Writing an Essay
         Summary 8: The ADD and ADHD Dictionary

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