Teens with ADHD
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The Author
School Success
A Survival Guide For Children & Teens

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy & Alex Zeigler
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Video Summary:This compelling video for children and teens will grab their attention while simultaneously educating them about their ADD or ADHD. Produced by the popular authors, Alex Zeigler and Chris Abney Zeigler Dendy, the DVD features advice from the real experts--30 young people from 12 states ranging in age from 12 to 21. Speaking from their own personal experiences, these youth provide up-to-date scientific facts plus advice on six ADHD challenges. The DVD is hosted by two adult ADHDers: Alex and his high school friend, Lewis Alston, a popular Atlanta Radio DJ/VJ. Alex is also the videographer and editor of the video. Six of the teens are featured in our book, A Bird's-Eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD: Perry, Kati, Katie, Erik, Kyle, and Nathan.

BONUS: Letter sized ADHD Iceberg Poster included

DVD Tracks

  1. Welcome & Introduction Alex & Lewis
  2. Teen Advice on 5 Common Challenges
    • Inattention "Daydreamers & Space Cadets"
    • Disorganization "Chaos & Clutter"
    • Forgetfulness "Absent-minded professor"
    • Impulsivity "Ready, Fire! Aim, Oops!"
    • Hyperactivity "Bouncing off the Walls"
  3. Ten Key Scientic Facts
  4. The Experts on ADHD Medications
    • Medication from the teens' perspectives
    • Theodore Mandelkorn, M.D. speaks
    • Meet Our Teen Experts!
    • Resources for Families

Featured Teens & Home States
AL: Hunter (12), Kristen (17), Austin (15); GA: Allysa (16), Marlie (13), John (19); IL: Robert (14), Perry (21), Keith (15), Christine (15); KY: Samantha (16), Anthony (20); Nathan G (16); MD: Chris (19;) NC: Allie (16); NY: Emily (19); OR: Kyle (17); PA: Max (19); TN: Kati (18), Tyler (20); WA: CJ (14), Nic (13), Anna (17), Kelsey (13), Nathan (14) Erik (21), Amanda (17); WI: Alex (15), Jon (14), Katie (17).

Dr. Mandelkorn practices medicine in Mercer Island, WA.

General guidelines for use: Real Life ADHD! is an invaluable companion guide to A Bird's-Eye View of Life with ADD & ADHD. Track 2 features the wisdom and personal experiences of the teenage experts. Track 3 contains "Ten Key Facts," a scripted segment that lays a foundation for understanding ADHD. In Track 4 Dr. Mandelkorn's insights as a physician who not only specializes in treating ADHD, but also has attention deficit, are a must watch. Keep in mind your child's "listening limits"-perhaps 20 minutes or so at a time. It's important to stop the video before he or she becomes bored!